PathWays BodyTalk with Kerrin McIntosh


Work with Me

There are a few ways you can get to know me better before you decide to work with me on a longer term basis.

If any of these options interest you, I invite you to connect with me by e-mail, Face Book messenger, or text.    I would Love to add you to my e-mail list so you will be notified of any upcoming Circles, Weekend Experiences, or Specials.  

By the way, I am really low end on my 'Tech' skills, so you definitely won't be flooded with a ton of e-mails.  :)

FREE:  World Wide Women's Circles

I invite you to Join us for a Virtual Circle with the World Wide Women's Circle.  All Women welcome!

These Circles are held 4 times each year, and are coordinated and connected with all the other World Wide Women's Circles being held on the same day.  Basically we are creating a Web of interconnected Women's Circles  - Can you even imagine the Energy and Healing potential of this?  Truly Amazing!

Here are the dates for the next Circles. 

Time:  7:00 - 9:00 (possibly 9:30) Mountain Time (Edmonton Alberta)

June 10, 2017 (Saturday)

September 3, 2017 (Sunday)

December 9, 2017 (Saturday)


Sacred Woman New Moon Healing Circle

(Suggest $20 - $50)