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PathWays BodyTalk 
-with Kerrin McIntosh

See Your Soul, Love Yourself ! 


Quotes Thank you so much Kerrin. I never thought healing could be so Fun and Exciting - you are awesome! Quotes

Quotes As someone with multiple health issues, from traumatic car accidents or sports injuries, I have tried numerous medical and holistic interventions. When Kerrin told me about Body Talk, I was curious. From the first session, I was amazed at how relaxed I was. Kerrin put me at ease immediately and went to work. Some of my long time trigger areas were immediately identified, including issues with my lympathic system. As a matter of fact, I had an enormous ganglion cyst on the top of my foot - fluid that had built up over years. The next morning after my session I felt like I had a fantastic restful sleep. Over the next 2-3 weeks my ganglion cyst literally disappeared! I was very excited when my surgeon called just this week to confirm my surgery date and I was able to share that the problem was fully resolved! I can't explain it, but all I know is I will go back to Kerrin! Quotes
Was curious

Quotes I am a believer in body talk and have had several sessions before. This one with Kerrin was a complete new experience and I did connect well with her healing powers and my body. I was impressed with her findings and then explaining what is happening with my body and me. I can tell she is passionate about her work and so I can highly recommend her . Thank you Kerrin. Fritz Wagner Quotes
Fritz Wagner

Quotes Kerrin's calm personality made her session with me very soothing. There were aspects of her assessment of me that I found to be very insightful because they really did mirror issues that I am dealing with. I felt wonderful after the treatment and after that as well. In fact, I fell on the ice about an hour before I met with Kerrin and fully anticipated feeling the painful effects from the fall later that day and the next day. However, that was not the case .. in fact, I felt great. Thank you Kerrin! Quotes
Pleasantly surprised

Quotes Kerrin Mcintosh is a natural healer and now with her BodyTalk practice, she has taken a natural gift to an even higher level. Besides feeling incredible, sleeping well and even overcoming mild depression, my BodyTalk sessions with Kerrin Mcintosh have changed my relationship to my body, helping me to learn what it has to say to me. Quotes
Reagan Or