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   The Sacred Woman New Moon Healing Circle

Here is the info you need to know:

Sacred Woman New Moon Healing Circles - Please Join Us!

This Circle is So Amazing!!  Can you tell I am Excited yet?  Lol.  :)

As some of you know, I have been really struggling for quite some time to get my Healing work 'Out There' - - - -
And after a Huge, I mean HUGE Release in late February,

My Breakthrough finally arrived!!  Another WooHoo!
And then the Spiritual Downloads began - What a RUSH that was!!

So here is The Plan - (aka the Downloads):
Each New Moon I will open a Sacred Woman New Moon Healing Circle

They begin at 7:00PM Mtn Time and will be approximately 2 Hours.

In the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to be. 

We connect by ZOOM Live-stream Video, so we will be able to see and talk with each other.  This is a Highly Interactive and Intimate Event.  Come prepared to Open your Heart and Connect!

If you are interested in how the Moon Cycles affect us, Native Teachings, doing some Deep Healing, connecting with other Women on a Deep Spiritual Path AND having some Fun, then this is the Circle for YOU!

In addition, These Gatherings are very similar to receiving a 1 on 1 treatment from me, and when I call the Group Energies into the equation, the Volume gets Turned up so the Healing goes Deeper!!

You,of course, and since you are such a Gem and have shared this all over, then lots of your women friends and family will join us too!

Here are the basics of how the evenings will run - more or less, because sometimes Spirit takes over.  :) 

- We begin by Creating Connection and Safety within our Sacred Circle.

- I will then ask for 'Laser Sharing' from as many Ladies as I can accommodate.

- I will follow this with a Teaching about the Specific New Moon we are in from the Blackfoot People.

- A Group BodyTalk Treatment comes next - Everyone receives the Healing energy!

- After the Group session, I will again ask for volunteers who are willing to share more openly and deeply and receive a 1-on-1 Healing.  I will also be calling on the Compassion and Healing energy of all the Women present, to hold a sacred space so these 1-on-1s  are Deeply Healing!

This is a Truly Amazing Experience!

In closing, I will take a few more questions, or sharings, and let you know the date for the next Circle.   Also, I would LOVE for you to share your feedback or suggestions for the Circle going forward - this is Your Circle, so your Input is both Requested and Valued!

PHEW!  That was a Lot!  And yes, I realize I have all my 'W' questions out of order, but I never was all that great at following the rules - just one of the things that helps me in my healing work.  Lol

One more thing...these Healing Circles will be recorded so if you cannot attend Live, you can listen later and Still Receive all the Teaching and Healing that takes place!

 Isn't Energy work Just Magical?!!

HOW Much?
Registration for the Sacred Woman New Moon Circle is by Donation.  (Suggestion is $20 - $50)

You can register Two ways:
1) By e-mail Transfer (in Canada only)
    Please contact me to arrange your password.
2) By PayPal - Click the Donation Button at the top of this page.  You will be taken to the Shopping Cart to Register.              

Ps.  Empower other Women today...
       Please share this with all the Women you know!!

Thank you, THANK YOU for taking the time to read this, and pass it on.
I do Sincerely appreciate it.
I hope to see you in the Circle!!