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PathWays BodyTalk 
-with Kerrin McIntosh

See Your Soul, Love Yourself ! 

About Me                        


This is Personal.  And Real.

I share it here so You can know Who I am.

I have an Intensely Vivid and Powerful memory of Knowing that I came here with a Very Magnificent Gift.  I knew it was Special and Uncommon.   This Gift was a Massive amount of Pure Love - a very Special kind of Love.  And I Knew that because I had SO Much of this Incredible Love in me... I could Never Die.   This I knew, as an unquestionable Truth.                                   When this happened,  I was 4 years old.

It took quite some time, but eventually I started my journey to learn how to use this Gift.  I began helping people when I opened my massage and reflexology practice in 1987.  I began to discover that I had some natural abilities.  I have a deep sense of Intuition and I am very Empathic, so I easily sense what people are feeling.  I also connect deeply, so I can easily see who people 'Really' are underneath their life stories and natural protections.  This gives me the ability to guide them into seeing and accepting their own Gifts.  When this happens, there is incredible growth!

In 1989,  I dove head first into the Personal Growth world.  I learned So much from all the various courses I attended.  It was during this time that I was introduced to my first Native teachings.  With all this inward searching and self discovery,  I came to realize that I am a Two Spirited Woman.  When I attended my first Sweat Lodge Ceremony in 1990, I knew I had found 'Home'.

For almost 25 years now, I have been actively learning and practicing the Teachings and Ceremonies of the Blackfoot people of Southern Alberta.  They have Incredible Wisdom to share, which I continue to learn from.  For most of those years, I went to Sweat Lodge Ceremonies almost every weekend.  I Sundanced for 7 years, then became a Helper for the Grandmother of the Sundance - a Great Honor!  In 2011 I completed my Vision Quest and was also given the rights to the Sweat Lodge.  I opened my Sweat Lodge in 2012 near Sundre, Alberta.  Practicing these beautiful Teachings is a way of life for me.

I was introduced to BodyTalk  in 2006  and I knew immediately that this was the tool I could use to do my life's work.  The most amazing thing is that it works so Beautifully with all of my other knowledge, Including my Native Teachings.   I am a Certified BodyTalk practitioner and I strive to continually to expand my knowledge in this modality.

BodyTalk is an absolutely amazing form of healing.  The feedback I have been receiving from my clients is truly inspirational and clearly indicates that it is THEIR body that directs the healing. 

I now combine all of the Wisdom and Knowledge I have gathered over the years into my Healing Sessions - you could call it Kerrin's Special Blend.  :)

It would be my Honor to work with you!